7 Most Common Toenail Fungus Mistakes

If you suffer from toenail fungal infection or would like to prevent getting the condition, then here’s seven toenail fungus errors to look for:

1- You think your salon or spa is safe ? Try doing a thorough check

one of the biggest sources of toenail fungus is the nail salon in your neighborhood or spa. It is the reason you should inquire if they sterilize not just the instruments they employ however, and also their pedicure bathtubs you feet bathe in prior to when they begin to work on your nails.

2- Inadequately disinfecting your tub or shower 

Toenail fungus is a big fan of humid, warm places such as your tub or shower. Therefore, make sure you clean your tub or shower and clean it using a bleach-based cleanser on a regular basis.

3- Hope that your toenail fungus disappears by itself 

It would be wonderful to think that the ugly fungus on your toenails disappeared. Nail fungus, however, is generally persistent and is likely to cause damage to your other toes, and possibly other areas within your body. Therefore, treating it as soon as it occurs is imperative.

4- Wearing heavy or tight and high-quality shoes 

Heavy, thick shoes like work boots are generally very humid and are perfect fertile ground for toenail fungus. Shoes with tight toes could also cause pain to the toenails that are infected, making the problem worse. Wear shoes that are looser and let you breathe. Better yet, put on open-toe shoes or sandals If you are able to.

5- Don’t forget your flip-flops when you go to the pool 

Make sure you wear flip flops whenever you go to the public showers, gym, or the local pool to shield your feet from the infested with fungus.

6- Doing the digging or picking of your toes

 You may be tempted to fixing your nails yourself by cutting, picking or digging your nails in order to rid them from the fungus…don’t. You may cause more harm than good by spreading the fungus to other nails, and even kick the infection.

7- Utilizing topical creams and drops or VapoRub 

There are plenty of reports about people trying to treat toenail fungus by using all sorts of topical remedies, including VapoRub. But these remedies do not work very effectively. This is because they just treat the outside layer of the nail and the skin surrounding it.

Although topical treatments do not work, there’s an at-home solution that fights nail fungus in the area that hides in the body. Plus, it’s completely organic and takes only 30 seconds every day.

Check out this video clip to learn more about it. is.

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