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I renovated my bathroom myself, with a dramatic before and after transformation.

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DIY Bathroom Renovation Before & After

Renovating a bathroom can be a daunting task, especially if you’re doing it yourself. But with the right tools and a little bit of know-how, it’s possible to give your bathroom a complete makeover without breaking the bank.

I recently decided to take on the challenge of renovating my own bathroom. After months of planning and preparation, I was finally ready to start the project. Here’s a look at my DIY bathroom renovation before and after.


My bathroom was in desperate need of a makeover. The walls were painted a dull beige color, the floor was covered in old, stained linoleum, and the fixtures were outdated and worn. The room was cramped and lacked any real style or personality.

Planning & Preparation

Before I could start the renovation, I had to plan out the project. I decided to paint the walls a bright white, replace the flooring with tile, and update the fixtures. I also decided to add a few decorative touches, such as a new mirror and a few pieces of art.

Once I had a plan in place, I had to gather the necessary materials. I purchased paint, tile, grout, and all the other supplies I would need. I also rented a few tools, such as a tile saw and a wet saw.

The Renovation

With my supplies and tools in hand, I was ready to start the renovation. I began by painting the walls. This was a relatively simple task, but it took several days to complete.

Next, I removed the old linoleum flooring and replaced it with tile. This was a bit more challenging, as I had to measure and cut the tile to fit the room. I also had to mix and apply the grout.

Finally, I replaced the fixtures and added the decorative touches. This was the most time-consuming part of the project, as I had to carefully measure and install each piece.


Once the project was complete, I was amazed at the transformation. The room was bright and airy, with a modern, stylish look. The new fixtures and decorative touches added a touch of personality to the room.

I was also pleased with the results of my hard work. I had saved a lot of money by doing the renovation myself, and I was proud of the fact that I had completed the project without any help.


Q: How long did the renovation take?

A: The renovation took about two weeks to complete.

Q: How much did the renovation cost?

A: The total cost of the renovation was around $1,500.

Q: What tools did you use?

A: I used a variety of tools, including a tile saw, a wet saw, and a drill.

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