Top 10 Tips for getting a new Dog

Researchers say that the simplest friend of man is that the dog, and this is often for several reasons, including their loyalty or the unconditional love that dogs show towards their owners, and dogs are even given pleasure always by wiggling with them, and therefore the elderly especially need dogs next to the house to support them, some people say that dogs change their lives because they after they make sure of them, they learn to be selfless, and since dogs offer you all this, you have got to be told a way to make sure of them and understand what you wish after they bark. Here are tips for raising dogs

1. Give him proper care:

You have to require care of your dog in any respect times, by feeding them good food at regular intervals, giving them the acceptable water, and ensuring that they feel a decent temperature, providing them with shade within the heat, and warming them within the freezing cold, the dog might have care like your take care of your little child.

2. Castration:

Castration could be a process to get rid of the sex organ accountable for male procreation, and it’s a simple process which will be performed by a veterinarian from the age of 6 months, and this process is safe, if you are doing not want to breed your dogs and provides birth to more dogs, you’ll perform this operation.

3. Identity:

When a dog is purchased for home, it must be registered with an area adoption center, and therefore the dog must be among a private tag that has the dog’s name, owner’s name and sign. It can easily track pets and their exact location is tracked (This system is comparable to the method of finding a lost movable with the assistance of a mobile tracker.) This dog tracking system continues to be under development, and plenty of research goes on.

4. Periodic examination and vaccinations:

Vaccinations improve the health of dogs, parasites should be cleaned monthly and teeth cleaned. Some dog diseases are very dangerous, and to stop infection with these diseases, regular vaccinations should run. And as pets develop, hearing or vision problems or arthritis problems develop, so you want to provide special take care of the animals

5. Visit the vet:

The vet gives you advice regarding the sort of food required to incorporate in their daily diet, also the kind of injections and vaccinations that ought to tend to the dog and plenty of other advice on the health of your dog. If your dog has had any disease or if he has had any allergies previously, medical records and prescriptions should be kept so as to avoid future complications during another treatment.

6. Proper Nutrition:

Nutrition is incredibly important for everybody, whether human or animal, because it directly affects our bodily functions. There are five essential nutrients that has got to lean to a dog as a part of the daily diet.
1- Water: Animals are made from 70% water, so you need to ensure to grant your dog enough water.
2- Proteins: The dog must lean an adequate amount of proteins, and this sort of food is critical to make the essential building blocks of the body like cells, tissues and organs.
3- Fats: Fats generally provide an insulator for the body, which helps it to face up to cold conditions and also protect the interior organs. this sort of fatty food is mostly found in fish, lamb and vegetable oils.
4- Carbohydrates: one in all the most food items that can’t be ignored, these carbohydrates can not be neglected as they supply the body with the required energy, and dogs should tend fiber [such as corn, rice and wheat] as a routine food.
5- Vitamins and minerals: they’re required to strengthen the bones and canines. Vitamins supplement their energy.

7. Decorating:

A clean dog may be a happy and healthy dog, you’ve got to stay the dog’s grooming, clean his nails and trim them, and also check the dog’s ears to determine if they’re clean. you’ll be able to remove dirt from the within of the ear with an ear bud or a moist cotton swab.

8. Dressage:

Training or taming is a straightforward matter, but it gives you more quick and straightforward results. If the dog is little, you have got to reward your dog whenever it does better in training so it’s encouraged to finish its training.

9. Take him for a walk:

All dogs, whether a puppy a month old or an outsized dog, needs walking. Walking keeps them healthy. ensure you are taking your dog for a walk daily. A daily walk whether or not it’s for a 15-minute walk to the shop or market will help the dog to move. Throughout the day and also helps him in building a social life.

10. make certain to secure the dog’s perimeter:

Things like electrical wires and little items hidden under sofas, tables, and beds may be swallowed by your pets which might eventually make your dog sick.

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